Hello world! 

Hello!  This is my new blog! Although I often blog on sites like freep.com, lsj.com and others, this is my first attempt to have my own site for such a thing!  Normally I imagine not too many people really give a shit what I have to say, but now I have something that may be of interest!  I am traveling to Washington DC with my father-in-law; Ed Fitzgerald, and his son, Matt.  Not too interesting in and of itself, but we are going on our bikes! Bicycles, not Harleys!  The trip should be about 650 miles, and go straight through the heart of the Appalachian Mountains!  I have been training for exactly two days now and intend to give updates as to how this is going!  And then, on the trip, I will post pictures, videos, and thoughts as we embark on the trip!  Please write things to keep me motivated, sites that you know are coming up that me and fellas should check out and whatever else you want!  Thanks!


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